Top 5 Reasons I Love Email Newsletters

15749181_sThe latest and greatest way to promote our services and engage our customers seems to change daily. As far as ways to push our messages out to clients and potential clients, we have been hoodwinked by social media into thinking they are the answer to all our problems. Unfortunately we are finding out they are huge time-suckers and our messages are obsolete almost as fast as we can create them. So far, social media has not lived up to marketers expectations.

Print can still be effective, but it’s also expensive to produce, mail, track for effectiveness and usually gets thrown out because who wants more paper cluttering up our space? Not to say these methods don’t have their place, but what most businesses want are cost effective marketing pieces that are engaging, produce measurable results, and will hopefully hang around for a while. In my experience, the best way to achieve these results is to create and distribute an email newsletter.  In fact, recent surveys suggest that marketers continue to rate email marketing as the most effective as well as the easiest form of digital marketing (see Ascend 2 survey results).

These are the top 5 reasons why I love email newsletters:

  1. Email newsletters are cheap. By subscribing to an email marketing system, you can create custom e-newsletters for very little money. In fact, a few well-regarded email management systems offer free services for contact lists under a certain number (for example, MailChimp is free for lists under 500). There may be other costs involved such as design costs to set up a masthead or paying someone to develop your content.
  2. Email newsletters produce measurable results. Using an email marketing service allows you to track when your newsletter is opened, if it is forwarded and what links they may have clicked. These reports are often available for download and printing. By using these metrics combined with industry data, you can establish a baseline that will provide the basis for measuring your ROI.
  3. Email newsletters encourage engagement with your prospects and customers. By including opportunities to provide feedback and get involved, you can create opportunities to learn more about your audience gaining invaluable insight into their purchasing patterns and decisions while also increasing their commitment to your brand.
  4. Email newsletters position you and your brand as a source of expert information. By including useful, informative and engaging content in your newsletter, your readers will view you as a trusted and credible source of information. People like to buy from experts they know and trust.
  5. Email newsletter content can be used for other purposes. The content you develop for your newsletter can be repackaged and reused in many different ways including creating blog posts, website content, social media post, and so on. As marketing efforts continue to focus on developing unique and useful content, this is an invaluable way of recycling to save time and money.

So if you have yet to establish an email newsletter to promote your organization, I hope this has convinced you to get started. Not sure what email marketing services company to choose from? Check out this article from Top Ten Reviews. Don’t have the time or expertise to develop excellent content? Call me! Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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