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Are you looking for an economical way to reach your target audiences and stakeholder groups?  Do you need to create awareness of  your organization and demand for its products or services?  Do you want to be seen as an organization that is innovative and forward-thinking?

I can help!  With over 15 years of experience and a Masters Degree in public relations and marketing, I can provide your organization with the skills needed to begin or enhance your public relations efforts.  Below is a listing of my main service areas:

Strategic planning: Effective public relations begins with a good plan.  Utilizing my experience in conducting communication audits, I will research your current strengths and weaknesses.  With a clear understanding of your organization’s situation, I can facilitate the creation of an effective and innovative strategy that will build awareness and demand for your products or services.  Strategic planning can take place one-on-one or with a committee.

Writing services:  The basis of good public relations is good writing.   Look to me to create concise, relevant, and creative copy for your  newsletters, feature articles, annual reports, speech writing, biographies, editorial pieces, press releases, research reports, and creative print/radio ad copy.

Media relations: An essential part of any public relations plan, effective media relations strategies can legitimize and build credibility for your organization’s work and enhances its reputation. I can assist with identifying news worthy items and personnel, developing media messages, writing press releases, creating your online and print press kits, coordinating media appearances, and assisting spokespeople in preparation for media interviews.

Website development & social media campaigns:  Lost in the digital world?  I can help you navigate the shifting sands to make the most of your online presence and digital promotion.   With my experience project managing the creation, implementation and strategic development of websites and social media campaigns, I can assist with proposal writing, liaising with vendors, content creation and management, and researching new technologies.

Publication coordination & editing:  For most organizations, there is still a need for print promotional materials.  With my talents in the planning, development and coordination of inventive and creative publications, you can count on me to produce annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and other projects that will create interest and buzz for your organization. Working with a network of creative professionals and printing companies, I can take your project from start to finish.

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Skye L Rodgers

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