3 Easy Holiday-Ways to Build Organizational Goodwill

holiday spiritNo Grinches allowed! The holidays are a wonderful and appropriate time to build goodwill for your organization. With shrinking budgets, parties and gifts may not be possible, but there are still cost-effective ways to show your organization’s holiday spirit. Below are three easy ways to make a big impact.

1. Don’t forget to send holiday cards! Yes, I mean an actual card sent via snail mail. While sending out cards may seem to be an antiquated thing to do, the fact is most people like to receive them. Receiving a card makes people feel valued and important. However, make sure you take the time to personalize the cards as much as possible. If your card comes across as too impersonal, the gesture may backfire.

2. Decorate. Adding festive decorations to your offices, waiting, and meeting spaces makes them warm and inviting – making your organization seem warm and inviting to customers, vendors and employees. Consider dressing up your online presence as well. Add holiday messages, colors, and images to your websites or blogs (sparingly).

3. Give to a good cause. Partner with a non profit and come up with a holiday-themed fundraiser. Find a way to allow everyone to take part and feel a part of the process. This can be as easy as wrapping a box with colorful paper for food bank donations. You can incorporate fundraising activities into your online presence as well by highlighting your holiday cause and adding donation buttons. Make sure to include a communication plan with your fundraising efforts to publicize your actions and keep people up-to-date on your progress.

These are just a few ways any size organization can bring the holidays into your public relations planning. Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear other ideas.


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